Fendall 32-000100-0000 Porta Stream I Eyewash Station


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Portable, lightweight and delivers 6 minutes of uninterrupted, hands-free flushing without costly plumbing. Gravity-fed flow begins immediately when the nozzle pull strap is removed. Supplied with either 70 oz. of Sperian saline concentrate which, when mixed with tap water provides 6 gals. of saline solution, or Sperian water additive, enough for 14-16 gals. of water. Unit may be mounted on a wall, mobile cart or mobile stand for easy and affordable safety near most workplace hazards. Nozzle strap is easily removed, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open. Large fill hole simplifies refilling and cleaning. Illustrated operating instructions printed on the unit. Unit is suitable for nuisance situations such as dust or particle flushing where a 15-minute flushing device is not a requirement. Hi-viz green.

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