FallTech 5073H Triple Action SRD Connector



5073HThe Triple Action SRD Connector offers a dual locking system with versatile connection options, all within a compact size, 4” x 1½“ that is simple to connect and easy to use with full protection Dual Locking – The connector offers a dual locking mechanism whereby both Release Button must be depressed in order to deactivate and release locking bar Strength – Greater than 5,000 lb. connector safely attaches the SRD to a harness for complete safety Durable – The locking SRD Connector is zinc plated with forged alloy steel Compact Size – 4” x 1½“, does not protrude from the harness nor creates a snag point Versatile connection- the connector can accommodate both single and twin leg Mini SRDs Complies with the following ANSI and OSHA requirements User Capacity – OSHA 130 to 425 lbs ANSI: Z359.14-14, A10.32-12 – when connected to a self-retracting device (SRD) and OSHA: 1926.502, 1910.66

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Weight 0.7000000000000001 lbs



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