R95 Particulate Respirators

R-Series Filters are intended for removal of any particle including oil*-based liquid aerosols and can be used for solid or liquid airborne particulate hazards. If the atmosphere contains oil*, the R-series filter should be used only for a single shift (or up to 8 hours continuous or intermittent use).
R95 Particulate Filter – At least 95% filter efficient when tested with ~0.3 um DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate) aerosol
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3M Particulate Respirators, R95
3M 8247 Particulate Respirators, R95
Your Price: $60.50
3M 8247 Particulate Respirators, R95
Particulate Respirator R95 w/ Nuisance Level Organic Vapor* Relief
SAS 8621R95
Your Price: $13.56
SAS 8621R95
Welding Applications Mask, 10 Mask Per Box
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