Tiger Grip EGN-4 Easy Grip Anti Slip Resistant Overshoes



EASY GRIP’s Solution  EASY-GRIP antislip overshoes will allow you to move safely on any greasy/oily surface. Thanks to their outstanding stretch-fit structure , only 4 sizes are necessary for all shoes sizes. This overshoe is made to avoid slipping injuries in hospitals, restaurants, the food industry and other production sites. Good grip on slippery floors. Permits secure movement around the workplace. Suits all inside floor types and all kinds of shoes (including safety footwear). Hygienic and comfortable: Employees keep their own footwear inside the over-shoes. Easy to use and to clean : Machine washable. Sole pattern minimizes clogging and is liquid repellent. Stretch-fit structure : only 4 sizes for all shoe sizes. Shoes are protected against moisture and immersion. A rubber formula which complies with standards for abrasion, tearing and oil resistance. The overshoe does not leave any marks on floors. Perfect grip on the employee’s footwear. Available in Black or White Warranty:  1 Year  Sold/Pair  Small Fits Sizes:    Women Size: 4-6.5 Medium Fits Sizes: Women 7-8.5, Men 5.5-7 Large Fits Sizes:    Women 9-11, Men 7.5-10 XLarge Fits Sizes:   Men 10.5 -14 CERTIFICATION Easy-grip overshoes meet the standard specifications of the relevant European commission.  Through analysis based on EN ISO 20347, technical files and instructions, the product has been certified CE. Easy-grip overshoes are recognized as PPE equipment complying to Standards ISO 13287, SRA, SRB & SRC. HIGHT GRIP COEFFICIENT : Antislip performance exceeds standards.  This antislip sole is the result of an exclusive rubber formula and the unique tread of the sole. To respect its commitment regarding sustainable development : Tiger-Grip’s production sites are certified GREEN PARTNERS. The product composition meets REACH Standards : None of the 38 substances forbidden in the EU was detected.*PPE : personal protective equipment*ISO 13287 : PPE – Antislip standard*SRA : Antislip coefficient on ceramic floors with detergent.*SRB : Antislip coefficient on steel floors with glycerin.*SRC : SRA/SRB