SAS 5135 Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station (Economy) 16 gallon


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Description Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station (Economy) 16 gallon (SAS5135, SAS Safety Corp)  A lack of an emergency portable eyewash station (gravity fed) is one of the top OSHA citations. Our gravity fed portable eyewash station 16 gallon comes with water preservative, wall mounting bracket and an inspection tag for monitoring self inspections. Protect employees as required by law and guard against personal injury claims. Be sure to change water every 90 days. 1-hand operation Gravity fed, 15-minute flow time. No plumbing required  Special Note: There is no catch basin for water that drains through a bottom tray drain when eyewash station is activated.  Station comes with bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide additive.  Change water every 90 days. Features:  16 Gallon Meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 Standards 1-hand operation Gravity fed 15-minute flow time Portable No plumbing required  

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