Quick Dam Water-Gate


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Water-Gates are Self Rising Flood Barriers Self Rising Flood Barrier Controls & redirects water Deploys in seconds Held in place by built in weights & water weight Stable & will not roll Compact Easily carry to site   Lasts for years Use in cold weather to -40oF/C Flexible & forms to any surface Easily join units together for increased length Store in bag/back pack 6” to 5’ wall height, 20’ to 500’ length

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6"X30', 14"X30', 14"X50', 20"X30', 20"X50', 26.5"X30', 26.5"X50', 32"X30', 32"X50', 39"X30', 39"X50', 50"X30', 50"X50', 60"X50'


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