Moldex 7140 Combo Stacked Organic Vapor P100 Respirator Cartridge 1 Pair


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Quantity: 1 Pair Moldex 7140 Organic Vapor Respirator Cartridge Respirator Model: Moldex 7000 Series Respirators, Moldex 9000 Series Respirators The 7140 combines the 7100 organic vapor cartridge, the 7920 piggyback adapter and the 7940 P100 particulate filter disk. Cost Savings 7140 come pre-assembled but, unlike competitive models, it can be easily disassembled. This feature enables the user to replace either the filter or the cartridge or both as they become used up which helps to save money and reduces waste. With other brands, users are forced to discard the entire unit. Convenience Pre-assembled units save time and reduce the chance of error in selecting or assembling cartridge/filter combinations. Simply remove from the bag and attach to the respirator. Applications: The Moldex 7140 combo stacked cartridge/filters are useful in a variety of applications including petrochemical, construction, transportation, and chemical manufacturing.