Falltech 8595A Roofer’s Kit with Hinged Reusable Anchor and Trailing Rope Adjuster



  • Single D-ring Contractor harness for fall arrest
  • Harness features tongue buckle legs with mating buckle chest.
  • Includes 3′ ViewPack® energy absorbing lanyard with integrated trailing rope adjuster
  • 50′ premium-grade vertical lifeline includes plated alloy steel snap hook, steel thimble, and back-spliced end
  • Roofer’s Kit contains: 7016 Harness, 7410 Anchor, 8150 Lifeline, and 8368 Lanyard
  • (See component part # for standards and regulations compliance)
  • Material Specifications: Please see each component Part # for individual material specifications

    Performance Specifications: Please see each component part # for individual performance specifications


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