Falltech 83909SP6 9′ Leading Edge Personal SRL with Aluminum Carabiner



  • Proprietary aluminum alloy dorsal connector provides simplified push button attachment
  • Exclusive energy absorber design with nylon fused EVA cover limits user back discomfort.
  • Constant-force main spring produces smooth lifeline payout and retraction
  • Calibrated pawl locking system delivers ideal walking speed without nuisance lock-up
  • Lightweight and impact resistant nylon polymer housing provides greater durability
  • Versatile anchorage range from overhead up to 5′ below user’s dorsal D-ring
  • 3/16″ galvanized steel cable lifeline with aluminum alloy carabiner
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.14-2014
  • OSHA Compliant: Galvanized Steel Cable

    Dorsal SRL Slide Connector: Aluminum Alloy

    Leading Edge: Aluminum Alloy

    Cable: 3/16″ galvanized steel; 3,400 lb min. static strength

    Energy Absorber: Polyester tear-away

    Anchorage Connector: Aluminum alloy; 5,000 lb min. static strength with 3,600 lb gate strength

    Dorsal Connector: Aluminum alloy; 3,000 lb min.

    Static Strength: 3,000 lb min.

    ANSI SRL Class: Class B

    Avg. Arrest Force: 900 lb

    Max. Arrest Force: 1,800 lb

    Max. Arrest Distance: 54″

    ANSI User Capacity: 130 to 310 lb max.

    OSHA User Capacity: 130 to 310 lb max.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 lbs


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