FallTech 82709TB3 DuraTech® 9ft MAX Twin Leg Web SRD Carabiner Connector with Clip and Steel Rebar Hooks


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DuraTech Max 9ft Twin Leg Web Self-Retracting Device, Carabiner Connector with Clip & Steel Rebar Hooks Boasting a 425 lb. capacity, the FallTech DuraTech 9′ MAX web SRD delivers maximum stopping power in a compact device. Combining the strengths of a fast-activating internal inertial brake with FallTech’s exclusive WrapPack inline shock absorber creates a robust SRD to accommodate a broad range of workers. Includes: Carabiner Connector Clip Steel Rebar Hooks Features: Up to a 425 lb. capacity – worker and tools Dual energy absorbing system – inertial brake and WrapPack Tested for up to 5′ below d-ring 9′ working length for expanded work zone Durable lightweight glass reinforced polycarbonate housing Abrasion-resistant webbing – outlasts the competition Glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing – More durable than typical plastic housings Stainless steel pawls for fast stopping action Fast activating internal brake Integral fall clearance calculators within exclusive WrapPack Inline Shock Absorber Protective cover shields inspection windows and product labels from harsh environmental and abrasive in-use damage Compact energy absorber pack is environmental rugged and abrasive in-use damage All connectors feature 3.600 lb. gate

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