Falltech 72706TB4 6ft Mini SRD Twin-Leg Carabiner with Alignment Clip and Aluminum Snap Hooks


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Features Twinleg SRD for 100% tieoff 6′ working length Compact and impact resistant nylon housing Integral shock absorber provides visual fall event indication Aluminum Snap Hook on leg end Integral Swivel eye Reduces twistin Steel Carabiner with Captive Pin on housing end Material SpecificationsWebbing: 100% DyneemaEnergy Absorber PolyestherSwivel Eye: Alloy Steel, 5/8″ hole diameterSpring: Rolled Carbon SteelSRD Housing: Nylon 6/6Main Shaft: Alloy steelPawls: Stainless steelConnectors Aluminum, Alloy SteelPerformance SpecificationsTensile Strength: Min. 3,000 lbs tensile strengthMax. Capacity: 310 lbs.Max. Arrest Distance: 54″Average Arrest Force: Less than 900 lbs.Max. Arrest Force: 1,800 lbsClass of SRD: Class BConnectors: 3,600lb min. gate strengthRelevant StandardsOSHA: CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66ANSI: ANSI Z359.142014Warnings Read, understand and follow all labels and instructions prior to use. Inspect before each use. Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wear. Remove from service if there is any signs of activation. For use up to Max 2′ below the user’s dorsal Dring.WARNING: THIS SPECIFICATION SHEET PROVIDES AN OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FROM FALLTECH. CARE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO ASSURE THE ACCURACY OFTHE INFORMATION. IT DOES NOT PROVIDE IMPORTANT PRODUCT WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. FALLTECH RECOMMENDS ALL USERS OF FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT UNDERGO THOROUGH TRAINING, AND THAT ALL WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED WITH THESE PRODUCTS BE THOROUGHLY READ AN UNDERSTOOD PRIOR TO USE. FAILURE TO READ AND FOLLOW ALL PRODUCT WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.