FallTech 7232HW 30ft SRL 400 lbs Capacity Cable Load-indicating Swivel Carabiner


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Features: HeavyWeight® SRL; 400 lbs Capacity Galvanized Cable or Stainless Steel Load-indicating Swivel Carabiner. Durable cast and CNC machined aluminum housing for precision fit and finish Spring bumper assembly with grip handle to reduce lock-up from free-wheeling Steel thimble for long life with cable ferrules protected in grip handle Load-indicating swivel carabiner with 3,600 lbs gate strength Specs:FeaturesMaterial SpecificationsCable: 3/16″, 7X19 galvanized steelConnectors: Alloy Steel; Min. 5,000 lbs. tensile strengthConnector Gates: Alloy Steel; Min. 3600 lbs. front and sideloadPerformance SpecificationsTensile Strength: Min. 3,000 lbs.Max. Capacity: 400 lbs.Max. Freefall: 2 feetAverage Arrest Force: Less than 900 lbs.Max. Elongation: Less than 36 inchesRelevant StandardsOSHA: CFR1926.502, CFR1910.66ANSI: A10.322004Warnings Read, understand and follow all labels and instructions prior to use. Inspect before each use. Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wear. Remove from service if there is any signs of activation. For use in overhead applications maximum allowable freefall = 2 feet!THE INFORMATION. IT DOES NOT PROVIDE IMPORTANT PRODUCT WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. FALLTECH RECOMMENDS ALL USERS OF FALL PROTECTIONEQUIPMENT UNDERGO THOROUGH TRAINING, AND THAT ALL WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED WITH THESE PRODUCTS BE THOROUGHLY READUNDERSTOOD PRIOR TO USE. FAILURE TO READ AND FOLLOW ALL PRODUCT WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

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