FallTech 5040 Trauma Relief System



Set of 2 Compatible Hip-packs – The Suspension Trauma Relief System Features Exclusive Deployment Design Reflective Webbing Throughout Fits All Full Body Harnesses Helps to prevent the on-set of suspension trauma in the event of a fall Infinitely adjustable to fit any user, regardless of height Two-part system easily attaches to the front torso staps of any full body harness Accommodates both feet, giving the user stability and the ability to shift and move to remain comfortable Description:The Suspension Trauma Relief System (STRS) is a system designed to be installed on an existing full body harness to provide relief from suspension trauma until rescue can be implemented. Training:It is the responsibility of the employer to provide training to any employee who may be exposed to fall hazards. Training will enable an employee to recognize fall hazards and methods to reduce such hazards. Training must be done by a Competent or Qualified Person. Trainer and trainee must not be exposed to fall hazards during the course of this training. Rescue:This system provides suspension relief and is not a rescue alternative. The user is required to have a project specific rescue plan and the means at hand to promptly implement it. Inspection:During normal inspection, include this relief system; external pockets, choking loops, snap connectors and deployment loops. Remove the system from service if inspection reveals an unsafe condition. Warning:While using this system after a fall event, remain vertical. Do not attempt to recline or lie down. Refer to ANSI Z359.4-2007 for additional information on recognizing and responding to suspension trauma. Identify: This FallTech STRS is composed of two webbing pockets, marked Left Side and Right Side. Ensure both pockets are present. Take notice of the form and function. Each pack consists of a pocket with an attachment loop, an inner snapped strap, and a yellow pull tab with a red thumb grab ring, secured with a hook and loop flap.Please reveiw how it works on http://falltech.com/Product/5040

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