Gator Grip Premium Black Anti-Slip Tape, 2 Rolls


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Application(s): Our Premium grade anti-slip grit tape offers our highest standards of longevity chemical and water resistance, and wear resistance. This product has been double with a 2-part epoxy resin that ensure durability, coupled with an acrylic adhesive system that does not require edge sealing to resist attack from water and many chemicals. Surface sealer may be used for some difficult applications. Anti-slip grit tape products are a fast, easy way to help reduce slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Tape will adhere to many clean dry surface including metal, wood and concrete. Surface is constructed of a aluminum oxide grit compound securely bonded to a vinyl substrate with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Premium anti-slip product offers water & solvent resistance to help extend wear Tape is intended for both indoor and outdoor applications, and is water-resistant. Not intended for submerged applications.Note: Slip resistant tapes are subject to wear that may impact their performance. Inspect and replace as necessary.Adhesive: Acrylic Solvent AdhesiveCarrier: Vinyl (4 mil) with Aluminum Oxide Grit Material (60-GritTotal Thickness: 0.025″ ( 0.635mm )Liner: Paper Liner With 1″ Square Grit Pattern (6.8 mil)Tape Application: Surface must be clean and free from water, dust, dirt, oil, wax, silicone.Surface sealer is recommended for porous surfaces such as concrete and wood.Outdoor Durability: 3 – 5 years in horizontal exposure, depending on total annual UV of region.Certification: National Flooring Safety Institute NOSY 101-A Certification As “High-Traction”Surface Preperation: Adhesive will only bond to a clean, dry smooth surface. Ensure cleaning process does not leave a residue as this may impact bonding. Best results can be achieved when ambient and surface temperature are close 700F. Surface bonding will continue for up to 7-days after application of tape.Adhesion: Adhesive bonding strength of this tape will continue to increase throughout the first 30 days after application, with good initial tack after 24 – 36 hours.Cleaning Tape:¬†Clean tape surface with a mild soap and light broom, rinse with fresh water. Shelf Life: One year from date of purchase when stored at 700F @ 50% relative humidityStatic Friction 0.937 Dry LeatherASTM D1894-06 1.15 Wet Rubber

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