3M Noise Indicator NI-100


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Designed for variable noise environments to help workers idenjpgy potentially hazardous noise levels and know when hearing protection devices (HPDs) may be required. Green flashing LED indicates that noise levels are below 85 dB where HPDs may not need to be worn; red flashing LED indicates noise levels are above 85 dB, a potentially dangerous noise level where HPDs may be required. Small, lightweight design (.6 oz.) clips to shirt or jacket and includes a rechargeable battery that operates for up to 200 hours between charges. If not manually powered off, device will automatically power off after approximately 10 hours. Dimensions: 2 L x 1.4 W x 0.5 D. Can be used as an effective training tool within a hearing conservation program (consult OSHA Standard 1919.95) to help ensure workers know when and where to wear hearing protection.CHARGING CORD SOLD SEPARATLY

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