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Hot Mill & Chore Gloves

Hot Mill Glove Usage
  • Designed to guard hands from heat, abrasions, and prevent shrinking
  • Inner liners to resist heat, cuts, burns, and abrasions
  • Palm padding quilted for insulation
  • Durable and able to withstand flames, high heat, and sparks
  • Flexible outer shell to allow comfort and dexterity
  • Extended cuff to protect wrists
  • Crafted from different fabrics such leather, fleece, and/or fire-resistant materials
  • Used for handling hot materials in factories or forging operation
  • use for temperatures up to 400
Chore Glove Usage
  • Cleaning the house: Dusting, wiping, and scrubbing often expose your hands to harsh chemicals and liquids. Chore gloves help keep the harmful synthetics from seeping into your skin which can dry it out and cause painful cuts.
  • Yard Work: It shouldn’t hurt your hands to get your yard work done. This type of glove coats your hands from prickly leaves, thorns, and twigs which can cause lacerations. Chore gloves also protect your fingernails from dirt which can get stuck under the nail, making it difficult to remove.
  • Factory: The chore glove give you grip when lifting greasy or oily boxes. Many containers or parts can have sharp edges which can be dangerous.
  • Farming: Keep your hands safe in the barn or the field where picking up, carrying, and scooping can be detrimental to your hands. If you wear chore gloves, you can prevent painful cuts and bacterial infections.

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4543 Hot Mill 20oz Knit Wrist Glove, Dozen
Your Price: $14.00
4543 Hot Mill 20oz Knit Wrist Glove, Dozen
4571 Heavey Weight Green Hot Mill, Dozen
Your Price: $31.38
4571 Heavey Weight Green Hot Mill, Dozen