Full Body Harness & Positioning/Work Belts

Equipment Direct carries a line of Full Body Harnesses is just as diverse as the people who wear them. We have developed seven basic series which come in dozens of sizes and configurations to address the demands of every jobsite. Whether you are looking for basic compliance, comfort or to overcome extremes in environment and the demands of highly specialized applications, we have got the harness you need.

All of our harnesses are proudly made by hand right here in the USA, and are truly a cut above. We start with the highest quality polyester and aramid webbings and finish them off with our own proprietary hardware and accessory parts. Even our most basic harness webbing exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements for tensile strength by more than 1,300 lbs! In our construction process, we use a combination of programmable and manual lockstitch techniques to ensure durability and long service life

Advanced ComforTech GEL
Price Range From $73.00 $169.00
Arc Flash Safety Harness
Price Range From $121.80 to $483.00
Comfor Tech Safety Harness
Price Range from $117.81 to $346.08
Contractor Safety Harness
Price Range From $25.20 to $71.40
Contractor Plus Safety Harness
Price Range From $53.10 to $90.00
Flow Tech Safety Harness
Price Range From $194.88 to $252.00
FlowTech LTE Harness
Price Range From $182.40 to $293.16
Hi-Vis Vest Harness
Price Ranges From $84.00 to $131.88
Journeyman FLEX Aluminum
Price Range From $152.80 to $217.56
Journeyman Safety Harness
Price Range From $84.00 to $166.00
Roughneck Safety Harness
Price Ranges From $121.80.00 to $273.00
Tradesman Safety Harness
Price Range From $61.32 to $99.12
Tradesman+  Safety Harnesses
Price Range From $75.60 to $115.20
WeldTech Safety Harness
For Welding Work , Price Range From $225.96 to 240.24
Positioning Safety Belt
Price Range From $31.92 to $192.36
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