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Dupont Tychem QC
Tychem QC provides at least 30 minutes of protection against 42 chemical challenges, please consult your MSDS sheets. Tychem should not be used around heat, flames, sparks, or any other type of flammable or explosive enviroment
DuPont Tyvek
An inherent barrier - not a laminate that can be easily scratched or compromised
PermaGard Coveralls
PermaGard is just like Tyvek, a general purpose protective material that can be used in non-hazardous applications to protect against dirt, light liquid splashes, and particles.
PlusGard Coveralls
PlusGard is a superior technology, which promises excellent breath-ability, high abrasion resistance, and ultimate protection against both viral and blooborne pathogen penetration.
PolyGard Coveralls
A breathable lightweight spun-bonded polypropylene material for light/general/Food handling applications on a budget.
ProGard Coveralls
An excellent quality SMS material that is strong and durable while offering excellent breathability at a fraction of the cost.